The Society is open for membership to any person interested in the field of Human Genetics irrespective of that person’s specific discipline.  Thus medical practitioners, nursing practitioners, scientists, social workers en technologists are all welcome to be members.

Because the Society does not want to limit itself to South Africa but is interested in developing Human Genetics in Southern Africa, membership is not limited geographically either.

Benefits of joining

  • Access to annual newsletter
  • Monthly “Update on Genetics” newsletter
  • Membership to appropriate focus group
  • Access to password protected professional database
  • News alerts
  • Interaction with peers in the field of human or medical genetics
  • Special rate at the SASHG Biennial Congress

Membership fees

Membership is open to any professional person engaged in the practice, research or teaching of human or medical genetics.

The membership fee for 2016/2017 is:

  • R125 for a one-year membership
  • R200 for a two-year subscription (i.e. R100 per annum).

Please note all fees are for a single calendar year irrespective of when in the year you pay. A single calendar year is from 1 January through to 31 December.