Genetic Alliance South Africa (GA-SA) is a non-profit, membership organisation uniting patient support groups, healthcare professionals and other stakeholders relevant to the care and prevention of congenital disorders.

The aims and objectives of GA-SA are to:

  • Undertake advocacy activities to promote accessible, effective and relevant genetic services for the care, prevention and treatment of congenital disorders for all South Africans.
  • Provide a network of support and fellowship for individuals, families and groups affected by congenital disorders, and those concerned with their health and welfare, including support groups.
  • Promote the education of relevant medical health professionals on congenital disorders through specific training interventions.
  • Educate and raise awareness of the general public on congenital disorders.
  • Promote, facilitate and support research related to the cause, prevention, treatment, and monitoring of congenital disorders in South Africa.

To find out more, visit the GA-SA website