Genetic Counsellors South Africa

Genetic Counsellors South Africa (GC-SA) is an informal subgroup of the SASHG that are dedicated to promoting the Genetic Counselling profession in South Africa.

Genetic counsellors are registered medical professionals that help people understand and adapt to the impact that a genetic condition has on their health and wellbeing, and that of their family, and offer information regarding prevention, management and testing (NSGC, 2006).


  • Increase awareness of the Genetic Counselling Profession in South Africa and Internationally
  • Maintain a high standard of training that remains internationally recognised
  • Continue the development of qualified genetic counsellors
  • Dedication to research in South Africa
  • Accessibility of genetic counselling to all communities in South Africa
  • Good quality service standards – professional guidelines, advice and support for practicing genetic counsellors
  • Active dialogue of relevant topics that impact genetic counselling – human genetics, genetic testing, bioethics, funding
  • Advocates for patients and their support groups